Apps and Services
for The Kingdom of God

We want to see digital solutions that makes it easier for volunteers serving in church, but also easier for new followers to come to Jesus

Further when we work together

By working with many churches across denominations we can make more with less. Consecrating on what is important, our unity in Christ.

Want to be a part of what we are doing or just use our apps or services? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

We have some interesting projects we are looking into

We are always looking for what is next and what we can do to make the most impact. At the moment we have two project ideas on the drafting table that we believe can help small-groups in all kinds of churches.

Small group app

Organizing and finding a small group can be hard for volunteers and new church-goers so we want to make it simple with an app.

Worship text app

So you can display and control the lyrics with screen sharing like AirPlay or Google Cast to a nearby display or projector.

Made with love - Funded with love

At the moment all work done in Kingdom Tech is without pay and on on a voluntary basis. Your gift is to cover external cost we have to make this a reality.

We really want to make this offer a sustainable organization and be able to pay our workers for the time and energy they put down, and hire more people so we can expand our projects to make more awesome apps.

We hope you would like to sign up for a monthly donation if you are not already doing so!